Now that spring is finally here, you might be feeling creative. I know I am. With one can of green paint (or any color paint), you can paint a whole bunch of stuff. See eight fun things to paint after the cut. 

As long as you have a can of paint and some creativity, you can change the look of your place indoors and out. Here are eight different objects to paint using one can of paint.

1. Side table
2. Dresser
3. The back of a bookcase
4. Shelving
5. Outdoor chair
6. Mirror frame
7. Desk lamp
8. Ceramic vases 

According to House Beautiful magazine, green is the "it" color for this spring. It's calm and refreshing. You can try any color you want though. For more ideas about what objects to paint, check out this site

What would you do with one can of paint?

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