Have you ever walked into a store, and had the clouds part... and the only thing existing in that store is you and that perfect pair of shoes? Or maybe even a cute flowy dress? Maybe even a casual top?

Ok, well maybe that's a bit extreme, but that is the experience I had when walking into Aldo a couple of weeks ago. I managed to spot the most amazing wedges.

Servedio, $80.00 from Aldo

I'm a huge fan of wedges, so this find was exceptionally exciting for me. Wedges are a great trend for summer, they elongate your legs like heels and they can be worn casual or dressed up.

Another great trend that I'm loving is the maxi dress.


Abstract Print Maxi Dress, $22.80 from Forever 21

I feel like this trend has been coming back every summer and I am so happy for this! This dress is great for Sunday brunch, a Saturday shopping trip or a day at the beach. The best part — you don't even have to spend tons of cash to get great styles. Forever 21 has great ones for about $20!

Dream Tees Off-the-shoulder Tee, $29.50 from Victoria's Secret

The last trend that I can not leave out is the off-the-shoulder tee — it would be a sin to the many of them that I own. This shirt is the perfect go-to top to throw on and run to the store, meet some friends or can even be dressed up for a night out! I have many of these and they are perfect for when I have nothing to wear to wear for class or going out — they go with everything!

My style may give the impression that I'm casual chic. I do, however, like to own pieces that are versatile and can be dressed up or just worn out and about. This not only keeps you looking chic, but makes your wallet happy.

What are the go-to style items that you have in your closet?