Okay, really AZ? 

One of Jezebel's readers sent the website this picture from a grocery store in Arizona, where someone (it's not clear whether it was the store itself or a patron) took it upon themselves to censor Jessica Simpson's Elle cover with a piece of cardboard. Apparently it's been there for a week, so people are actually heeding the "Please Do Not Remove Cardboard" request. We still don't know what the big deal is, and we wonder why they wouldn't just take it off the shelves if they found the cover so offensive.

This whole uproar is one big question mark to me. Everyone has a different threshold when it comes to what offends, so it's hard to hold it against those who have a problem with it — opinion is opinion. But for such a natural and beautiful thing to still be causing tongues to wag in a negative way is kind of crazy. Is a bare pregnant belly really so unacceptable? The amount of skin shown is not a far cry from most Victoria's Secret commercials or catalogs, so I can't help but think the pregnant part is the factor people are taking real issue with. And because pregnancy is something many, if not most, women experience at some point in their lives, wouldn't there be more tolerance for a cover like this, based on that fact alone? Why is everyone running in the opposite direction at the mere site of it? (via Jezebel)

What do you Lovelies think — should people just get over it already or is this something that needs to be addressed and amended for future magazine covers?