MAC makeup, although awesome, is expensive. What most people do not know, however, is that they promote a recycling program! MAC is one of those companies that tries to minimize both waste and their production costs by offering customers incentives to return empty cosmetic containers back to the company. This deal is particularly and especially awesome if you are a regular buyer of MAC products.

MAC offers a recycling offer that can be redeemed one of two ways…

Both ways require six empty cosmetic containers of any combination of lip gloss, blush, foundation or eyeshadow containers. Your first option is to take your six empty containers to a MAC counter within a department store and you will get a FREE lipstick of any shade you want! Your other (and more awesome) option is to take your six empty containers to a freestanding MAC store and you will get a FREE lipstick, eyeshadow OR lip gloss!

So save your empty MAC containers, ladies, and if your friend is about to throw theirs away… stop them!

Lovelies, do you intend on taking advantage of this recycling offer (or have you already)?Β  If you were to get any of those free items listed above, which one and in which color would you choose?

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