I have a lion’s mane.  I used to be (still am?) called Simba and I always need to request extra time at the salon.  As a result, not many people know how to style said lion’s mane, especially my bangs.  I usually leave with some serious 1980′s wings sprouting off my head. 

So for all you fellow thick, frizzy, unruly haired gals here is a quick how-to for taming your bangs and making it to work in a reasonable amount of time. 

Lion taming tools you may need:

  • hair dryer
  • round brush
  • 2″ curling iron
  • styling cream
  • hair wax.

{Step One: Put styling cream on wet hair and always style bangs when hair is still damp.  I like Oribe Shine Supershine Moisturizing Cream.}  

{Step Two: The key to side-swoopy bangs with thick hair is to curl hair under with a round brush rather than over which leads to beauty pageant bangs. No bueno!}

{Step Three: Pull the brush through slowly while drying with blow dryer pointed downwards.}

{Step Four: Use a thick curling iron (again, curling under) to flip ends up just a little by curling the iron through to the end.}

{Step Five: Smooth out flyaways and keep hair in place with hair wax.  I like Bumble and Bumble Sumotech.}

{All done!}

Lovelies, any other tips for styling a lion’s mane?  I can use all the help I can get.