We at Lovelyish scored an exclusive interview with Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games!

Her one condition was that all of her answers be conveyed with nothing but animated gifs.  Fortunately, she is the most giffable celebrity in acting history... so we agreed.  

Lovelyish: Jennifer, we were surprised to hear you describe yourself as "a little chubby."  We think you're a great role model for young women today.  What's your relationship with food like?

Lovelyish: That's so refreshing to hear.  I  hear that you work out a lot too... what's your favorite way to exercise?  

Lovelyish: Ah, your famous "karate hands" running workout!  Has it been helpful in getting fit for the movie?

Lovelyish: Ah that's great.  Do you have any messages for your fans around their own bodies and body image?

Lovelyish: What an uplifting message.  How did you feel after hearing you had been cast in The Hunger Games?

Lovelyish: It must be quite a shock adjusting to all the press in your life now.  What's your reaction when you open the door and see a sea of paparazzi?

Lovelyish: Sorry you have to deal with that.  How does dealing with all that make you feel?

Lovelyish: Yah it sounds like it'd be super tough.  But you're kind of a bad ass... right?

Lovelyish: How can you be so bad ass and yet so lovably dorky at the same time?

Lovelyish: The animated gif community has been loving your expressions.  Can you give us one more crazy look, but in slow motion?

Lovelyish: That was fantastic, thanks!  I think we're running out of time here.

Lovelyish: Yah, I'm bummed too.  I hope we didn't take up too much of your time!

Lovelyish: Ok I was worried that we'd run over a bit.

Lovelyish: Ah thanks Jennifer, you're the best!  I know you have to go, so we'll talk to you later!

Lovelyish: Bye!!

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