So I'm talking about college students in general, but particularly me. 

This is my short story with pics to show you the fact of college students' activities during their college life (: (:

1. I'm entering a class

But apparently it's a wrong class. I'm like... 

2. When I brag about the annoying teacher

3. This is what usually students see at the very first time when a teacher is preparing a slide for a lecture


4. Teacher says : "The cute girl in the back! What's the capital of England?"

The cute girl in the back

My teacher

The other students and me

5. When the teacher says, "We'll be having an impromptu quiz now."

My expression (also the others')

6. No Hoax


True or true?

7. When a trusted friend fills me in

8. When my friends and I get a text saying that a class is cancelled

or when an additional class is cancelled

and then I

9. A tragedy when my teacher asks his students to submit the paper but I totally forget to bring it

10. When the scores are announced, but these guys get 95 without even studying

and I get only 60 with hard work

11. When you're praised a lot because you get a perfect GPA

but actually you're feeling so fly. Right?

12. When your GPA is far far away from what you've expected

Gotta love college. Keep calm and party on. The end