The first 1/3 of Katy Perry's official Part of Me video is your standard broken heart music video... and then she joined the Marines??  

Non sequitur aside, it's pretty awesome seeing Katy get hardcore in the Marines.  She really went all out, according to MTV News:

[Katy] worked overtime with boot-camp instructors to make the clip, practicing fireman carries and munching on MREs and getting in touch with her inner badass. And working with a cast that included nothing but actual Marines, she also was able to come face-to-face with the men and women who put their lives on the line for us — and she left with a newfound respect for that level of sacrifice.

Katy cuts off her hair, she eschews makeup, she fights, crawls, suffers. It's a commendable level of commitment.

It would've been awesome if she went all out GI Jane in the entire video... but then suddenly, she starts singing while dressed as a Marine:

Then in the middle of a warzone, she starts putting on camouflage with what looks like a makeup mirror:

And she finishes by dancing under one of those giant parachutes that we all played with in elementary school.


I love the song, but the video felt like it couldn't make up its mind: was Katy a hardcore Marine or a pop singer?  And did she really join the Marines because her boyfriend kissed another girl?

My verdict: kudos to Katy for taking a risk and trying something different!  But overall, this video just confused me.

What did you guys think: is this video a hit or a miss for you?