Bloggers called out Anna Wintour this week for appearing at the White House state dinner in an outfit she wore three years ago. But surely even the most well-connected fashion editor in the world (who has a $200,000 clothing budget in her job package) has a few beloved pieces she turns to when throwing together an ensemble. I certainly have shoes, pants and tops that you'll catch me in at least twice a week, despite the abundance of clothing in my closet. After the cut I've listed some of my favorite pieces to recycle, and you can tell us yours! 

Patti$54.99 from

1. Burgundy flats. I would have never expected to wear dark red shoes as much as I do. My poor black flats must feel so neglected, because, while I dropped good money on them, they rarely get worn! Turns out, burgundy goes with everything: navy, black, brown whatever! My trusty red shoes get recycled about five days a week.

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2. A black cowl neck blouse. This is my go-to piece when I feel lazy but want to look classy (which happens at least twice a week). While a black t-shirt is great, a cowl neck blouse adds just a bit more class to a simple, easy ensemble. I own at least three in my wardrobe that I like to throw on over black jeans and accessorize with long necklaces.

Essential Elegance Skirt$69.99 from ModCloth

3. This dream skirt. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've been on the verge of buying a second one of these skirts at least three times. Just to have a backup, you know? It may be pricey, but I have gotten every single penny's worth of my purchase, and then some. It's incredibly well-crafted, goes with almost any blouse and has a great structure that makes spinning amazing. I break this bad boy out at least three times a week, on average. It's probably the first item of clothing I would grab in a fire.

ASOS Knitted Turban Hat$17.91 from Asos 

4. A turban. This is such a strange accessory, but I get so many compliments on it. What's even better, however, is that turbans work perfectly for looking trendy while covering up dirty hair days. Plus you can pick them up for cheap at the drug store; I just scored a great red one for five bucks last week! One college winter, I wore a turban almost every day. That was some serious clothing recycling!

 What pieces do you like to recycle, and why? If you don't like to re-wear clothing items on a regular basis, why?