Oh, man. So there's a newish app sweeping the iPhone user-sphere, and it's called "Draw Something." It throws you a popular topic and asks you to draw it. Then your friends guess who or what it is. Pretty simple. I've seen some sweet drawings of Jay-Z and Justin Bieber on my Facebook feed. The game is supposed to be good, clean fun. But apparently the topic of "Rihanna" calls up some pretty nasty imagery... for everyone. Have a look. 

It appears that, in spite of Rihanna's successful music career and her presence as a fashion and popular culture icon, she's still most recognizable as the girl who got beat up by her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, in 2009. It's pretty sad. But as we know Rihanna's attempts to heal from the incident have looked more like reconciliation than growing up and moving on, and the public has spoken. Take a look at these absurdly strange but all-too-telling images created by users of the Draw Something app. See the rest at Buzzfeed.

What do you think of the residual association of Rihanna and her domestic violence case of 2009? Is the public brutal to not let it go, or should she be making more efforts to disentangle herself from him?