Ah, Peeps. Sweet, bird- and bunny-shaped marshmallow Peeps. They're irresistible in concept, but the ensuing stomachache makes you remember why you swore them off last year. Maybe this year, when you get the six boxes from your friends and family, you'll decide to do something creative with them, other than letting your jet-puffed pals sit in the cupboard for six months before feeling guilty about throwing their sweet little faces in the garbage. Here are 10 ideas to help you use your Peeps creatively

Peeps Sushi. I find these a tad troubling. Just the heads sticking out, that's all. On the whole I have to admit this is a creative idea, and I appreciate the sense of humor.

Peeps Sunflower Cake. Why, they don't look like peeps at all, now. Get the recipe here.

Peeps In Tuxedos. Better than regular Peeps: Fancy Peeps! Recipe here.

Dipped Peeps. So pretty to look at! So easy to nom. Recipe here.

Peeps S'mores. Duh. Man I bet those are delicious.

Peeps Cupcakes. Peepcakes?

Marshmallow Peeps Monkey Bread. They're in there somewhere...

Peeps Rice Krispie Treats
. My personal favorite use for marshmallow. Recipe here.

Peeps Flower Arrangement. You'd have to promise to only use it at Easter. Any other time it's just painful to look at.

Peeps Jousting. A very good way to use peeps, as microwave warriors!

Who knew putting two eyes on a sugary dollop of marshmallow could prove so endearing? Whether you're chopping them up for Peeps sushi or making a centerpiece, I hope these helped give you some idea as to how you'll put the little blobs to use this year.

Do you like marshmallow Peeps? Would you try any of these ideas?

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