The ladies of Hollywood usually blow our minds with their reality-defying baby bods. Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio, and even Beyoncé seem to float gracefully through their term and recover their delicate frames afterward as if by magic. Jessica Simpson's rotund baby-body seems to be the irreverent exception, although it remains to be seen how well she'll recover. But while concern circles about her somewhat surprising weight gain — the media being what it is and all — the proud mother-to-be positively glowed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Video after the jump

The 31-year-old hasn't stopped moving, either. She's now a judge on a new NBC show called Fashion Star, had a spot on last week's Biggest Loser and she's still donning sky-high heels at every turn. She attended her Charlotte's Web-themed baby shower in a blue snakeskin-print dress which you can see in the gallery, among her other pregnancy-chic looks. Jess explains her shape as "a lot of amniotic fluid" but I think she kind of looks amazing. Pregnancy is totally unpredictable, and not everyone can have a graceful celebrity-style weight-flux for it, but I've never seen anyone in such high spirits — and with such good hair — in spite of it all. You know she's uncomfortable.

Do you think Jess is a trooper for staying in the public eye until the final moments of her pregnancy? Or do you think she's being irresponsible?