When is it too early to start going outside in next-to-nothing to even out that tan?

I know it's 70 and sunny out, but it's also the middle of March. We all know those people; the ones that try to bronze their bods in the most inappropriate of places during the most inappropriate times (the park, the university quad during classes, running down the street, etc.).  Sure, blazing summer months make me want to walk around in just my bathing suit too, and I am all about body confidence. But today is technically the first day of spring, and bikinis should be saved for sandy beaches or poolside play time.

So how can you get your tan on in between classes or when relaxing on a sunny day, without bearing all to the world? 

1. Tube tops

                            Forever 21                                                                                               Forever 21

I'm not talking "glued-to-your-body-you-can't-breath-without-it-showing" types of tops only. The tube top blouson gives you a flowy style in a color that's very in right now. And breathable strapless dresses should off your shoulders without going too far. 

2. Crop tops

                               Forever 21                                                          Forever 21

The crop top is a hard one to pull off for many (I've tried and failed), but if you're into them, they are a good way to show off that flash of stomach. Some also have really cool designs in the back, making it easy for the sun to get to the hard to reach areas that most shirts usually cover, while not giving away too much in the front.

3. Shorts and skirts

                   Urban Outfitters                                                                Lemon and Lace

Obviously, the best way to get color on your legs is to show them off. Short shorts and skirts are the easiest way without taking everything off. Try a different sort of pattern to get past your jort obsession, or try a flowy skirt; if you hang out on the grass, it's really easy to hike your hemline up just a little bit more.

4. Jergens Natural Glow

I know people that swear by Jergens to keep up a bit of color in the winter months. The lotion, made for different skin colors from pale to already-tan build up a slightly darker color wherever you rub it on, giving you a sun-kissed look without the UV rays.

It's really easy to dress for tanning success without going overboard. But remember, always wear sunscreen when you're out and about in the sun.

Lovelies, do you try and tan during these semi-warm months? What clothes do you wear to relax in the sun?