One of a girl's best accessories is her purse, whether it be just carrying her phone and wallet, or if it is an all inclusive second make up bag/closet/computer/etc bag.

But when a girl has that much to carry, forearms and shoulders become extremely tired and incredibly sore.

In response, patterned backpacks have become the ultimate rage in women's wear, and backpack expert Eastpak has come out with a collaboration of 138 artists from around the world to create their new collection.

All of the bags will be auctioned off, and to sign up just head over to their Facebook page. All of the proceeds go to Designers Against AIDS.

The bag line was launched today, so if you're in the mood for an awesome new backpack, head on over to bid on your very own! 

But in any case, check out the gallery to see all the awesome designs from the artists, or head to Eastpak's website for more pictures.

Lovelies, what's the best backpack you've seen? Would you rock any of these cool designs?