This past week I had the pleasure of attending many free concerts during SXSW. I was able to see a few bands that I have wanted to see for years at awesome outdoor stages under a clear Texas sky. The atmosphere was perfect as I sang along to The Shins on Thursday evening. Attending so many shows this week got me thinking of my best ever concert experience: seeing my favorite adolescent band, Weezer, last summer. 

I have loved Weezer for as far back as I can remember. In recent years, however, I have not been enjoying the direction they have been going in. This did not stop me from purchasing tickets to see them and The Flaming Lips last summer in my hometown. Although I was scared they would play all their new music, I thought, why not? It would be a fun night off from work regardless. A fun night off, indeed. I attended the show with my brother, my boyfriend, and my best friend. A perfect lineup of companionship for a night full of nostalgia. As soon as Weezer  hit the stage, I could tell I was going to like the direction they were going in. They played every single song I had ever wanted to hear them play. Nothing new. Strictly songs from their first few albums. I was instantly thrown back into a fit of nostalgia as I sang and danced along like the thirteen-year-old me would have done. I will never forget the feelings of that night and how happy I was to be with the people I was with, surrounded by people who were enjoying the atmosphere the same way I was.  

What was your best ever concert experience? Do you go to a lot of concerts?