Just weeks after announcing her pregnancy and engagement to Jionni LaValle, Snooki was photographed looking rather pregnant, rather quickly. During the time of speculation surrounding Snooki's pregnancy she did not appear to be gaining much weight in the mid-section, but suddenly there is no doubt this pint sized Jersey girl is with child. 

Snooki was photographed in Mexico this past week while filming her new reality show with fellow Jersey girl, JWOWW. Yes, I understand that a growing tummy is part of pregnancy, but I couldn't believe how quickly Snooki began looking pregnant! Just weeks ago, she was photographed looking like her normal self as rumors of pregnancy and engagement surrounded her but these photos leave me with no doubts!

How do you feel about Snooki's pregnancy? Do you care at all? (I have a strange addiction and relation to Snooki as we are both Jersey girls.)