So awhile back Obama said we could get birth control for free here in America. You know, some people think it's responsible to plan ahead so that they don't have a kid they can't support. Well, some lawmakers in Arizona think that's a little too willy-nilly for their state. In fact, they're pushing to put a law into effect that allows employers to terminate female employees who are using birth control to prevent getting pregnant. Hold the phone, what

Sure, it sounds totally inflammatory, but really it's just another lawmaker using the judicial system to make a point. And that point is: If Obama is going to make employers cover birth control under their insurance plans, Arizona reserves the right for employers to fire women for using those pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So wait, what's birth control again? Oh yeah it's that thing that keeps you from ovulating. It's not an evil baby-killing pill. I feel like the place that everyone is getting lost in this debate — you know, like when Rush Limbaugh said that "sluts" on birth control were "going broke" because they were having so much sex — is about what a birth control pill actually does. A birth control pill counterbalances your natural hormone fluctuations so that your body thinks it already has a fertilized egg in it. That way, it doesn't make a new one. That's right, it doesn't make one. No egg, no embryo. No life at stake. It's just a blank. So I'm lost on why birth control is the enemy here — are women seriously supposed to just conceive every time they have sex... or just not have sex at all?

I understand the employers just disagree with what Obama put into effect — they don't think they should have to pay for it — and this law is just kind of a middle-finger to the whole thing, but the root of the issue is the demonization of a pretty practical little pill. Sure, these people can get their birth control somewhere else, and that's what this law aims for, but it's this kind of irresponsible legislation that can lead to more seriously twisted stuff down the line. Plus it makes my stomach turn to think that this is how some lawmakers are passing the time, or that they think it's their business in the first place. So, I guess if you live in Arizona you'll have to find another place to get your pills, or just make sure your boss isn't a jerk. [via Jezebel]

What's your take on this new law? Do you think it will pass? And if so, do you think anyone will take it seriously?

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