I love entertaining because I love to feed my friends and ply them with plenty of drinks. Presentation is always key when it comes to parties, and though I don't like to cook too much, I do enjoy preparing appetizers and desserts.

Check out some of my favorite easy and inspiring appetizers and desserts!

1. Olive, cream cheese and carrot penguins

Once Upon A Plate  

2. Apple pie baked in the apples

Domestic Dilettante

3. Cabbage bowl crudite (bell peppers work great too!)

Eddie Ross

4. Individual 7 layer dips

The Girl Who Ate Everything

5. Sandwich on a stick

One Charming Party

6. Party Popcorn

She Wears Many Hats

Check out the gallery for 8 more tantalizing appetizers and deserts!

Which of the above would you most want to serve at a party?  And in general, what are some of your favorite foods when you entertain?