Marc Jacob's "Dita Sweater" is a classic piece that can make any look just that much more, for lack of a better word, classy.

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But there is something a little bit different about this sweater, which features a Peter Pan collar and black buttons.

The collar and the buttons are fake. Not that there is anything wrong with that: often times when I wear shirts with buttons, they get caught and tear my shirt or fall off, never to be found again.

However, this sweater does remind me of something my father likes to wear on "special occasions," not unlike five-year-old celebrity children.

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The infamous tuxedo t-shirt, worn by fathers and little brothers alike, can turn the excessively formal dinner into a laughing, and extremely embarrassing, matter. As much as I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, I just can't get over the similarities (well, sort of) that these two pieces have.

Lovelies, would you wear a shirt with fake buttons or other embellishments?