Nothin' like a good 140 character fight.

CNN heavyweight Anderson Cooper got into it with musician MIA today in the best way people of the 21st century know how: through Twitter. Here's the abbreviated version of what happened, as I understood it. MIA posted a tweet last night, promoting a documentary she was a part of which shed light on war crimes in Sri Lanka. In this tweet, she called Anderson out, claiming that he called her a terrorist. Methinks this is something Anderson wouldn't do, but hey, everyone is entitled to answers. Anderson denies it, MIA insists it happened. Anderson, in turn, THROWS DOWN, making MIA look like, well, not an idiot, but...someone who was in possession of incorrect information, shall we say.

Check out the tweets:

MIA responded to all of that with "im glad u understand but please watch #killingfields because this is what i was trying to say." Anderson:1, MIA:0. This is why you don't start fights on a public forum - cause when you're wrong, everyone can see. (via Gawker)

Do you Lovelies use Twitter? Would you use it to call someone out?