Earlier this month Sprinkles cupcakes in Los Angeles, California, launched the first of its kind: A 24-Hour cupcake vending machine. In the following video you can see how it works. Meanwhile I will try to contain my excitement. 

This machine capitalizes on the basest of our human needs. I have a crazy sweet tooth, but cupcakes aren't often readily available. For that reason I usually opt for something that's more convenient, something that curbs the craving for awhile. But heaven help me if they were just...there. No one judging me for buying a cupcake at any hour of the day (or night), or buying more than one in a day, even. And at $4, there's hardly anything holding a cupcake addict back from total indulgence. Ugh, self control be darned! I thought Dippin' Dots machines would be my downfall. Here's hoping — reluctantly — that these never make their way to Austin, Texas. [via IncredibleThings]

What do you think of a cupcake ATM? Do you want one in your town? 

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