At this point, when stuff like this happens to Lindsay, I'm never sure whether I should be surprised or not.

I think I might be a little surprised, as weird as that sounds. All has been relatively quiet on Lohan front for the past few months (as in, she hasn't done anything exceedingly stupid or gotten herself arrested) so maybe I was under the impression that perhaps, maybe, possibly, some sort of normalcy would ensue. She's gone back to red locks of old, she successfully hosted an episode of SNL, I mean...these are good signs, right?! But alas, last night, outside and Hollywood club, Lindsay found herself in a sea of paparazzi, and while attempting to complete a 3-point turn amidst the sea, grazed the leg of the club's manager and his car as well. And then, whether she knew she had made contact with human flesh and hard metal (you'd think you'd feel that, right?), sped off into the night.

To Lindsay's credit, I've never had to drive through an ocean of screaming people flashing the light of ten suns into your eyes at seizure inducing intervals. I'm sure it's not easy. But you know, if you think you hit someone or something, common decency is to stop and check it out. Cause just driving away can spell more trouble, and if your name is Lindsay Lohan, you probably don't need or want more that. Police were called to the scene, though, and determined that no one was truly injured and decided no follow-up was needed. The only problem this could cause Lindsay is if the manager decides he is hurt — apparently, he began complaining about his grazed knee after he had found out Lindsay was driving the car, and went to the emergency room — and presses charges.

We hope, for Lindsay's sake (and because, frankly, we're a little tired of hearing this kind of stuff), she learns a little something from this incident and can keep chugging down the road towards a comeback. (via Jezebel)

Do you think Lindsay will be able to make a successful comeback this year?