There's a place for science in celebrity gossip. Who woulda thunk?

It's quite interesting, really. About five years ago science reporter John Tierney and statistician Garth Sundem (both from the New York Times) created a mathematical statement which predicted whether or not celebrity couples would have lasting marriages - and the results were actually quite accurate. The original variables that factored into the complex equation were these: the respective fame of the husband and wife, the length of their overall relationship and history of the marriage thus far, their age difference, and the measure of their sex symbol status, which, interestingly enough, they determined by assessing how the woman was dressed in her first five hits on Google. Weird, but hey, I don't do equations. I'll allow them whatever kinds of variables their little hearts desire.

This equation predicted the demise of Britney and Kevin Federline as well as Ashton and Demi, and foresees Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck enduring. Well, not to brag, but I could've told you that, probably. Tierney and Sundem have now simplified the formula, though, to total mentions in the New York Times divided by total mentions in The National Enquirer. No, for real. The men have found that the quality of fame the relationship has is the most important and telling factor. I guess that makes sense.

To be honest though, I think we can all spot a stinker celebrity marriage when we see one. (via TIME)

Do you Lovelies think predicting the demise of celebrity relationships is a good idea?