Is Rihanna Trying To Start A New Hair Trend?  If she is, there might be a lot more offensive roots in our future if this thing catches on. Yeesh.

Our girl Rihanna left a New York City studio yesterday sporting this new dye job (or wig, we're not entirely sure) - a dark hued crown (and then some) surrounded by blonde locks. Okay, we thought that visible roots were a no-no in the world of hair coloring, not something you did with purpose (although this is a poliarizing topic). And we're pretty sure this wasn't a case of fast-growing strands, only a week ago she was pictured on her twitter sporting a head of dark hair. So what gives, Ri-Ri? Are you trying to cross boundaries and make the unfashionable fashionable? Trying to turn a few heads? Cause we're a little confused by the thought process behind this one, girlfriend. (via Refinery29)

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Do you like Rihanna's new hair color? What do you think is her best hairstyle?