As a fellow California girl, I think Lauren Conrad epitomizes the laid back California style with her casual chic clothes and sun-kissed hair. I particularly love that her hairstyles are so accessible. I may not be able to pull off a pixie cut or heavy bangs, but I can easily recreate any of Lauren's hairstyles. Whether she's rocking waves, sleek and shiny, ombre, or braids, her hair always looks great.

Check out some of my favorite LC hairstyles:

1. Messy updo


I Know Hair   

2. Sleek ponytail tied with her own hair


3. Waves half up


4. Wavy ponytail


5. Ombre with side braid


6. Braided bun

Become Gorgeous

7. Bohemian braids with loose waves



8. Side twisted bun


Check out more pics in our gallery! 

How do you like LC's hairstyles above?  And while we're on the subject: do you think she has some of the best hair in Hollywood?