St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, and if you're the type of person who doesn't wear green, this is perfect for you. It's a no-brainer. Your "something green" is painted on, and without being doused in lucky charms and rainbows and leprechauns and four leaf clovers, you can be just as festive as your insanely excited Irish friend {who probably looks a little like me as I hail from Ireland} and avoid getting pinched by that annoying guy who is so hoping you don't wear green so he can finally touch you.

* Essie ~ Mint Candy Apple base coat
* Magical Nail ~ Vikini Green
* Emori ~ sparkly forest green #48
* Emori ~ kelly green #56
* Essie ~ Good to Go fast-drying top coat {my new favorite}

I finally broke down and bought this hilarious collection of nail art nail polishes after months of consideration and while they are rather cheap and rather toxic smelling, they're kind of extremely fun. The two polishes you see above in the floral packaging have a brush option, as shown below, or a tiny pen-type of applicator if you remove the tops. Again, I can't express enough their cheapness {a few have broken already but are still usable} but worth it for all the fun colors and nail art options.

* First, apply one coat of your base coat {Essie ~ Mint Candy Apple} and let dry. I painted mine the day before just to save time.

For the nails you're going to add the art too, thumb, middle, & ring, follow the steps below.

1. Paint your second base coat on ONE nail

2. While your base coat is still wet, begin dotting or allowing a small amount of polish to drip in various areas of your nail, in various sizes, but not too thick. I stuck to one side rather than doing the entire nail -- much like my glitter stripe nails

3. Immediately add your second accent color and repeat the step above.

Check out the rest of the steps and photos here.

Lovelies, what green article of clothing or accessory will you be wearing on St. Patty's Day?

Guest post from Maegan