Watch out, world of accessories, because done-up nails are the new "it" thing to find on any fashionista.

And with all the new colors, styling pens, top coats and overlays out there, the outcomes are endless.

So here are some of the best decorated nails from Pinterest. Be careful, the urge to drive to your nearest beauty store may come up very urgently.

1. Cath Kidston Floral inspired nails

Image Source

Florals are very in at the moment, and these nails are reminiscent of Cath Kidston's floral bags.

2. Cupcake Inspired nails

Image Source

These nails looks so nice I could just eat them up.

3. Jill Sanders inspired nails

Image Source

The geometric shapes look a lot like modern art, but be careful: this style probably takes a lot of patience...or a friend to help.

4. Newspaper Nails

Image Source

Remember rubbing Silly Putty on newspapers to find the ink had rubbed off? Relive your childhood with these creative nails.

5. Luscious Lips by nail stamping

Image Source

These nails look like they could pick up a man all by themselves. Check out the tutorial under "image source."

Check out the gallery below for even more fun and quirky nail designs!

So Lovelies, what's your favorite nail style? Do you like these new trends or would you rather people stuck to simple color?