Barbies are a toy that I and most girls (I'm assuming) grow out of at an early age. For me, once I discovered I could pick out my own clothes (not just Barbie's), I ditched the doll and starting finding my own style identity. One 24 year old girl in the UK has not quite hit the growing-out-of-Barbie stage yet. She has been collecting Barbies since she was three and has now transformed herself into her very own 'human Barbie'. 

[Via: DailyMail]

Charlotte Hothman, a 24 year old promotions girl has spent around $20,000 dollars on cosmetic enhancements to make herself look like Barbie. She had a nose job, collagen in her lips and dyed her hair blonde to transform herself into a human Barbie. She told The Sun: "I told the clinic I would love to look like Barbie. It was really painful. My face was bruised afterwards and it took weeks for the swelling to go down. But when I took the bandages off it was well worth it. Then I dyed my hair blonde.  It's completely changed by appearance and I think it looks pretty good. Some people think it's a little weird, but I think it's great." Check out the gallery to see her before Barbie photos!

Charlotte has an entire room in her Manchester home that is dedicated to her Barbie collection. She admits that her obsession with Barbie has been a roadblock in her love-life but she is sure she will find a man that loves "her and her Barbies". 

What do you think of the 'Human Barbie'? Did you idealize Barbie as a child?