Without Snooki's meatball antics, does Jersey Shore stand a chance?

Execs at MTV may be thinkin' no. The sixth season of the show we all love to hate is hanging in the balance in light of the Snookster's baby announcement, as the network tries to suss out details of the new season, sans the mother-to-be. Although MTV claims that no conclusions or arragements had been made for another season even before the baby bomb dropped, we can't imagine that the announcement made things any easier.

Even without Snook's baby on the way, did the show have another season in it? Episodes have been, dare we say, a little boring - the personas of each of the cast members are a little tired, and you know, there's only so many variations on a night out at Karma nightclub that you can have before things start to get a little repetitive. Each episode goes something like this: Pauly, the Situation and Vinny will bring girls home, "smush", and then promptly send them off into the early morning sunrise in a yellow taxi, Deena will do the Jersey Turnpike (a lot) and desperately search for men, Snooki will fall down whilst dancing on some sort of platform, JWOWW will wear a top made of dental floss and gold rings, and Sammi and Ronnie will either fight or be painfully boring. Twelve episodes of that can get a little tedious. They've tweeked some seasons by sending the cast to Miami and Italy, but really, how much life is left in Jersey Shore? And now, with Snooki down and out, will the network be able to come up with a fresh take or is this the (gasp!) end? (via Fox News)

Should MTV shoot another season of Jersey Shore or do you think its time has run out?