I love to give beautifully wrapped gifts because the packaging itself feels like a gift. I'm certainly no Martha Stewart, but these packaging ideas are easy enough for anyone to attempt!

1) Kraft paper + baker's twine

My favorite way to wrap gifts is with simple brown kraft paper and baker's twine. It's such a simple but beautiful way to wrap any gift. If you don't have kraft paper, just use a regular paper grocery bag!

Oh So Beautiful Paper      

2) Washi Tape

My second favorite way to wrap gifts is using washi tape, a Japanese masking tape that comes in every color and pattern under the rainbow.

Moma Store

Here you can see my two favorite techniques combined: kraft paper + washi tape!

The Sweetest Occasion

3) Wrap gifts in fabric

Oh Joy!

4) Create a pocket with wrapping paper for holding the card

Martha Stewart

5) Glassine envelopes + washi tape

Le Box Boutique on Etsy

6) Kraft paper + sticker dots + name label

Sally J Shim

7) Lunch bag + paper punch

The Party Studio blog

8) Patterned paper as a backing in clear treat bags

Middle Passages

9) Patterned napkin inside clear treat bags

Small Shop Studio

Check out 8 more beautifully wrapped gifts in the gallery below!

Do you enjoy receiving beautifully packaged gifts?  Which of the above gift wrapping styles is your favorite?