With the time change this weekend and the abundance of sunshine we've been having, I am so ready for spring. I want to wear lighter clothes, paint my nails bright and buy some new spring-inspired scents. I love to change perfumes with the seasons. Keep reading to see the perfumes I want to try this spring, and let me know your picks. 

There's so many perfumes out there that smell fresh and clean for spring. I want to try almost all of them, but I'm not rich so I think I'll narrow down my choices. 

When I look for a perfume, I try to find something that I absolutely love. If I don't completely love it, then it will be a waste of my money. I also want a fragrance that lasts all day. I hate when a perfume fades throughout the day. And most of all, I want a scent that is fresh, clean and fun. I want people to be happy when they catch a whiff of my perfume.

I have tried Nollie from PacSun before, and I absolutely love it but I want something new. This spring, I really want to try Wakely from Abercrombie and Fitch, Lemon Eau de Parfum from Bath & Body Works and Clinique Happy to Be.

What perfumes are your favorite for spring?

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