Classic styles have been reemerging on runways and red carpets alike, and among the clear frontrunners of this shift is the cap-toe pump. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Dianna Agron and Kristen Stewart have rocked this trend recently with fabulously feminine and polished results. We've seen a lot of cap-toes popping up on flats and rounded pumps, but it seems to have finally been whittled down to a truly timeless silhouette that will make any woman feel beautiful. And the best part is — they don't have to break the bank

Pointed toe court shoe, $289.00 from

Gotta love a good sale. These babies are marked down from a whopping $531.00, and they're still a modestly sized car payment.

Signature Prue Pump, $225.00 from Designs by Stephene

The thought of spending even $225 on a pair of heels makes me laugh out loud. I'm sure they're great, I really am, but you know, I'll bet we have some better options.

ASOS SIDNEY Point Court Shoes with Metal Toe Cap, $80.57 from Asos

Now we're getting warmer. Exact same style, and now we're under $100.

Lydia - $39.99 from Shoedazzle

Kim Kardashian got one thing right: a whole line of trendy shoes for forty bucks each. It's a tough deal to beat.

Metallic Trim Platform Pumps, $29.80 from Forever 21

Forever 21 makes any style attainable. And while these aren't the "iconic" cap toe that a few more bucks will get you, they are a cute spin on the trend and definitely worth a look.

This is just a taste of what's out there — there are heels and flats and all sorts of spins on the cap-toe style. And if you want to break the bank there's definitely stuff out there for that, too. I just love the subtle homage to a vintage style in this small detail, and how much it can really set off an outfit. See how the stars are wearing them in the gallery.

Are you a fan of the cap-toe detail on shoes? Which of these suits you best?