As women, sometimes we're expected to look good and yet be ready to go somewhere at a moment's notice. And at least some guys hate waiting on us to get ready. So I'm happy to have found these ways to get out of the house quicker, since I'm one of the slowest girls I know when it comes to getting ready. 

Some of these tips I already do, but it's always nice to learn about new ways to get ready faster:

1. Tint your lashes
Ask a pro to put a tint on your lashes, and you won't need mascara for a month.

2. Brush on your base
Using liquid or cream foundation takes time. Brush on a translucent powder to save time.

3. Skip a shampoo
This saves a lot of time. 

4. Pull your hair back
This cuts your time in the morning. You won't have to mess with your hair as long.

5. Pick out your clothes beforehand 
Picking out your clothes the night before gives you more time in the morning for other things.

6. Create a home for your cellphone, keys, necessities
When everything you need is gathered at one spot, you'll realize you no longer have to rush around to find your keys, phone, etc.

You can see the full list here at InStyle.

What's your best tip for getting ready quickly?

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