Commenters on the web have been breaking out the daggers over Jessica Simpson's nude pregnancy pics on the cover of Elle.

Some are the usual mean-spirited comments (Betty Smith: "I would never call her a cow. I have too much respect for cows."), but many of them focus on Jessica's decision to appear naked on People's cover:

Lena: "I know stars like to do anything they can to stay in the spotlight but the above picture seems like it should be a private moment cherished by two parents to be."

Karlahicks24: "I'm all for being pregnant as I have 5 children. However I would not feel right putting my body on display."

Kelsey: "[N]aked pictures while pregnant just seems wrong and distasteful somehow."

The Outsider: "I remember Victoria Beckham saying in an interview that she thought her naked baby bump was something only her husband should see. I couldn't agree more. I wish more celebrities felt that way."

Hasn't this all already been done before... didn't Demi Moore do this already back in 1991?

I don't see the big deal.  I mean, if it was Snooki naked on the cover of Elle, then maybe I could understand people being upset.  But this picture is almost an exact replica of Demi's cover and feels like it's covering old ground.  Nudity + Pregnancy are pretty much as old school as it gets.

What do you guys think: is it somehow "wrong and distasteful" to pose nude while pregnant?