Just in case any of you Lovelies were planning on hitting up your local McDonald's for a little midday nosh sesh, the fast food joint is now serving worms in addition to their usual  lettuce, tomato, onions and saucey toppings, so like...maybe you might wanna skip it. Unless you're looking for some extra protein, then, by all means, chow down. We got pictures, so you can decide.

Just for some context, these pictures are from Finland, where some guy went to take a bite of his burger and found a little worm friend staring back at him. Apparently it was alive (I call that perseverance), and he got a complete refund. And that's about all we know because the news article is completely in Finnish, but honestly, how much more do you need to know? Enjoy the appetizing pics below.

At first, I didn't see it, but closer inspection reveals......

Yum. (via Buzzfeed)

Do you Lovelies had any fast food horror stories?