I recently wrote a post about a product that keeps my at-home manicures pristine for a long time. But when I do find myself in possession of some extra spending money, I often like to get a Shellac nail treatment at a salon, which remains virtually undamaged for weeks. Unfortunately, it seems that beauty option may become a thing of the past, due do manicure-related cancer concerns.

According to a recent study, the Shellac manicure itself isn't thought to be cancer-causing (yet). However, the treatment does require 10 minutes of exposure under a UV drying machine, which is a longer drying time than typical manicures. This amount of UV exposure is, "similar to what you'd get in a tanning bed," which we all already know is bad for you. In fact, "a 2009 medical journal article by some dermatologists featured two cases of women who got skin cancer believed to be caused by exposure to UV nail lamps (but not for Shellac manicures)." So if standard UV nail drying can be that detrimental, one can only imagine the potential effects of drying a Shellac manicure. [via Jezebel]

Personally, I eat enough questionable foods, and don't want one other aspect of my life to be a cancer concern. While Shellac manicures are great, I think I'll either stick to air drying them, or simply save some money and paint my nails at home.

Do you get Shellac manicures?  Have you ever thought about the potential health impact of using UV nail lamps to help dry your nails?

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