Dumped men and women are expected to have harsh words for their former significant other. But why would anyone go so far as to wish the worst for an ex's pregnancy?

Snooki's ex/gentleman in the making Emilio Masella isn't too thrilled with her (unofficial) pregnancy. He even had harsher words about it than most Internet commenters, who usually just stick to jabs about the baby coming out spray tanned. When asked about Snooki's state, he responded:

I hope for her sake ... not to be rude or anything ... but I hope she has a miscarriage."

I like that he prefaced the statement with "not to be rude or anything," as if that would make it less offensive. If you have to preface something with "not to be rude," it probably is. Masella followed that statement up with a few less shocking (but almost as offensive) ones, such as, "I would def recommend her to get a paternity test to see who the father is, because I’m sure there are other subjects" and that Snooki will "pull a Kim Kardashian" with her fiancé. Is it really too difficult for him to handle this situation with a shred of dignity? [via TMZ]

I cringe at some of the mean things I've said in anger, especially to ex-boyfriends. Breakups rarely bring out the best in people, and seeing an ex move on can be painful and nerve-grating. But surely if you've been followed by TV cameras for months, you should know when to keep your mouth shut, even if terrible thoughts are running through your mind.

What do you think of Emilio's comments? Have you ever said anything terrible about an ex?