Ok crisis time-threat level MIDNIGHT. Your alarm clock is blaring, you have class, or work, or brunch with your mom in t-minus 1 hour, and you’re sporting a serious hangover that has incapacitated you in the worst way. What to do?

Beyond the self-loathing and inevitable vowing never to touch another drop of drink as long as you live, there are a few practical steps you can take to minimize the physical suffering. And quickly.

1. Water, Water, and More Water.

Ideally, before you go to bed after a night of partying, you should try to drink at least a liter of water to stave off the unavoidable headache, but even if you didn’t- water is still the most important weapon against even the deadliest hangovers. Down a glass before you even think of doing anything else.

2. Shower

See? Water really is the key. Even if the idea of getting up is sickening to you, I promise, a shower will do wonders in washing off last night’s debauchery, and giving you the refreshment you need to start the day.

3. Cold Spoons

No, don’t gauge your eyes out-no matter how horrific the pounding is behind them. Put the back of cold spoons on those huge, dark under eye circles you’ve got for about 5-8 minutes-it will reduce swelling and discoloration, so that you almost look like a real person.

4. Eat a Banana

I’m all for the greasy post hangover food tradition, however, sometimes that hurts more than it helps. The potassium in bananas does wonders for the body, restoring key vitamins and nutrients, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s better for you than that oily bacon, egg, and cheese.

5. Grin and Bear it

I know, I know-not what you wanted to hear. But sometimes the only defense is a smile (no matter how much it hurts) and the knowledge that it’ll all be over soon. Since alcohol is a mood depressant, sometimes, the effects are purely psychological. You’d be amazed how far a smile and a good attitude go in combating the day after doom.

What are your sure-fire hangover treatments?

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