Implants aren't such a big deal these days. I mean, considering the amount of work celebs are having done to their faces — ahem, Courteney Cox? Lindsay Lohan? — it's amazing anyone even notices a bigger bust on a starlet anymore. But Lady Gaga rarely gives us a chance to ignore her, and her breasts seem to be no exception. She stepped out in New York in this sort of hilariously showy ensemble this week, leading us to wonder: is Gaga the latest starlet to go under the knife for a more amble bosom

They look bigger than usual, especially in this recent spread. Whether she did or not, she looks great. I mean it's not like Lady Gaga has ever made any efforts to portray herself as "authentic" or "natural". Besides, if a doctor gave her something that still begs the question (i.e. it's not painfully obvious) then kudos to both of them. Plenty of our favorite famous ladies have opted for breast augmentation as a career move or simply to satisfy a long-standing urge. And while I found some of them surprising, can you really blame girls for using their hard-earned Hollywood money to finally have the body they want? Have a look at the gallery of stars believed to have had breast enhancements and tell us:

Would you go under the knife if you had the cash lying around? Do you think these stars do it for their public image or for themselves?

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