I always took for granted the phrase, "Happy Birthday." I don't know how to feel about this. I mean, on one hand Justin Bieber is just a person, living on earth, getting older every year like the rest of us. But for some devoted fans, this particular birthday warranted major, major disappointment! Was he not supposed to turn 18? Do these people know something I don't? Take a look. 

Best I can tell, a great deal of Justin Bieber fans have tied their love for him to his sort of... music-wunderkind thing? I mean, I loved Hanson back in the day, but the youngest member was around my age, and needless to say he eventually turned 18. I guess I never realized how devoted these fans are, and furthermore how tear-jerking being a fan of his really is. We hand-picked a slew of golden Twitter moments for the gallery, and you can view the rest here.

Do you or anyone you know have an obsession for Justin Bieber? Could any celebrity bring you to tears?

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