Shampoo, conditioner, and regular salon visits are not the only factors that contribute to healthy looking hair! Check out this list of foods to incorporate into your 'healthy hair diet'! 

1. Dark Green Vegetables -  contains vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum (the oily substance secreted by your hair follicles, natural conditioner)
2. Beans- contain zinc, iron, protein and biotin that all promote hair growth
3. Nuts- contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help condition your hair. Nuts are also a goodsource of zinc, as are cashews, pecans, and almonds. 
4. Eggs- contain both biotin and vitamin B-12
5. Whole Grains - contain zinc, iron, and B vitamins
6. Carrots- contain vitamin A which promotes scalp health
7. Bacon (yay!)- contains B vitamins, zinc, and protein.
8. Low Fat Dairy- contains calcium which can contribute to think hair and hair growth
9. Avocados- contains vitamin B5 which can prevent the graying of hair
10. Poultry- high in protein which promotes healthy hair growth

Do you have any foods you use to keep your hair healthy? Have you ever tried any strange foods to promote healthy hair?