Sometimes I really miss the simplicity of being a kid. I remember thinking how seriously I meant things when I was younger — how strongly I felt about my convictions and thoughts. As a semi-adult, I think kids' insights are pretty hilarious, which makes me fully aware that no one ever took me seriously as a kid. But that's how it goes, right? Adults just can't understand the gravity of kid-business. Well, maybe try looking at this handful of notes from some very sincere kiddos, to remember what it was like, as a kid, to see things so clearly. 


I cut a lot of kids' hair and I often strike up conversations with them. It's just a quick glimpse to talk to a kid for about a half-hour, but I am amazed at the things they choose to say and do in conversation with someone they don't really know. Today one of my clients' kids whispered something to his dad, and his dad said, "Well you show her!" So, he tugged at the bottom of his shirt to show me that it had soccer balls all over it. I didn't know what to do in response to such utter joy about soccer balls. There was no way to outdo his excitement, but I tried anyway. Another time, a five-year-old came out of left field with the best pickup line I've heard in a while. He said, "Hey. I've got cars in my pocket." Well! The young mind is capable of such pure insight, I get a kick out of it every time. And if you like these, there are whole bunch more to browse at Buzzfeed.

Do these bring back memories of your brilliant childhood years? Do you have hilarious kids of your own?