Having been confined to my couch with a mean case of strep for the past few days, I've had lots of time to thumb through periodicals. Which got me to thinking about all the magazines I've subscribed to over the years, and to consider why I still pay for the ones I do. Take a look at my favorite mags, and tell us yours, after the cut!

1. Bust. I've been reading Bust since Freshman year of college, and will proudly say that it helped form me into the knowledgeable, confident woman I am today. Most issues are filled with the perfect combination of recipes, news, crafts and health information. I don't usually have hoarding tendencies, but I have every copy of the mag since the beginning of my subscription (and even paid a pretty $15 for one I missed).

2. Glamour. While not exactly a high-end read, I do turn to Glamour for useful beauty and health info. In fact, I have an entire binder of pages I've torn from past issues, which usually feature healthy recipes or great workouts that I enjoy. I can easily recycle an overall issue when done reading it, but I definitely keep its useful bits and pieces.

3. Time. A great way to keep up with current events without reading the paper every day (which I love to do, but rarely have time for). Time is one magazine that I'm not afraid to leave on my coffee table, though it is sometimes hard to delve into. But once I do, it's almost always worth it for the things I learn.

4. Esquire. Men's magazines get to have so much more fun than many of the women's ones. Esquire features compelling interviews, in-depth stories and serious news alongside fashion tips and steak recipes. I feel as if many women's mags often fall short in the former areas while piling it on in the latter. Esquire is the only way I want to be a part of the boys' club, and I enjoy it. Plus it's just great to ogle the male models.

What are your favorite magazines?