Urban Outfitters has been receiving some serious backlash concerning their new St. Patrick's Day t-shirts. C'mon guys. Can't we all just wear a plain green shirt and get along?

The clothing store recently stocked their shelves with a slew of items in honor of the holiday, and the Irish and Irish-American communities aren't exactly... thrilled, shall we say, with the selection. In fact, they've asked UO to stop selling the pieces (pictured above), stating that they "depicted severe and negative stereotypes" and promoted "binge drinking". Well, kinda.

But here's the thing: St. Patrick's Day is a pretty popular drinking holiday, what with $1 green beer specials (so appetizing) and the parade and, well, we kind of always associated the holiday with drinking too. Not to mention the majority of the celebrations of said holiday aren't exactly exclusively Irish affairs anymore, nor do they involve attending church services (St. Patty's Day is a Catholic commemoration.). All races, nationalities, and creeds make merry on March 17th, so perhaps Urban was just generalizing here, rather than singling out the Irish community. We're trying to give them some benefit of the doubt.

But we can see, too, where offense might be taken, especially to the "Kiss me, I'm drunk, or Irish, or whatever" t-shirt, which seems to suggest that being drunk and Irish are synonymous with each other. Probably not the best choice in wording, and wording is everything. Better luck next time, Urban. Still love your bangin' sale section. (via Huffington Post)

What do you Lovelies think? Is the apparel in bad taste or would you rock it?