I left my house this morning and immediately had a headache due to the cold. So what’s the easiest way to keep your head warm in the winter? Hats! But how to wear them without looking frumpy?

Everyone’s inner hipster is pleading with them to wear their beanies in the winter. As a very thin-haired blonde, when I wear a beanie, it will stay on my head for the entire day. But there are ways to wear beanies while still looking presentable and put together.

Here are six ways to wear a beanie while making your hair look great:

1. Black beanie in matching black

Ashley Olsen throws on a black beanie paired with a black leather jacket and black aviators.

2. Nude beanie with a tee

Beyonce pairs a nude beanie with a t shirt, jeans and heels while watching basketball.

3. White crochet beanie with casual sweater

Vanessa Hudgens, the beanie queen of the silver screen, pulls off a white crochet beanie effortlessly with a slouchy sweater, jeans and brown boots.

How to wear a beanie with bangs:

4. Over full bangs

My best friend, Alissa, showing off her full bangs in this playful Peruvian style beanie.

5. Peak-a-boo bangs

Taylor Swift looks ravishing in red with slight bangs and showing tiny curls that outline her face.

6. Red beret beanie

Taylor lets out her curls to wear her beautiful blonde locks with her red beret style beanie.

Though it’s true that most of these women have hair and makeup on hand, it is possible to be comfortable and warm, while still looking great. Bring out your inner artsy side and let your hair go wild. But make sure you leave at least a bit of your hair showing, because if your face is in the least bit androgynous, you could be mistaken for the beanie-wearing hippie boy that sits in the quad playing guitar… not that that’s happened to anyone I know.

Do you like to wear beanies?  What’s your favorite style?