Well, this is just deliciously awkward.

Earlier today, Zac Efron stopped by the Today Show to promote his new movie The Lorax, and Matt Lauer decided to serve up a nice, piping-hot plate of uncomfortable for us all to enjoy with our OJ. I'm sure we all remember the incident at the premiere of The Lorax, during which Efron had a little whoopsie! and dropped a condom on the red carpet. Because that's something you need at the premiere of an animated children's movie. But hey, at least he's being safe, right? There could've been worse things that fell out of that pocket.

Our favorite hard-hitting interviewer decided to let Efron comment on the ordeal and just about made us die from secondhand embarrassment for Zac. Cause, you know, what can you even say in defense of that? And then, to put the extra painful cherry on top, Lauer tried to skirt around actually saying "condom", and when he did, he barely got it out of his mouth.  If you're gonna ask the question, you gotta be able to say the word "condom", man. Sorry.  Watch the awkward-fest below. (via Buzzfeed)

What do you Lovelies think about the incident? Should Matt Lauer have brought it up in his interview?