Do you love to listen to music?  Here are three free music sites that let you listen to music for free.

1. Slacker lets you stream music online for free. It has radio stations that you can tweak to fit your needs. You can like and ban songs. You can get the service ad-free from $4.00 a month.

2. Spotify allows to choose the exact songs you want to listen to. You can make playlists and browse your friends playlists. You can recommend songs and share songs with your friends. You can listen for free for up to 10 hours a month with ads. Unlimited ad-free subscriptions start at $5.00 a month.

3. Pandora lets you stream music for up to 40 hours a month with ads for free. You can type in a song or artist, and it makes a station for you. You can like or dislike songs, and Pandora does the rest. For ad-free higher quality music, subscriptions cost $36 a year.

I have tried Spotify and Pandora. I know that if you want to listen to a specific song, Spotify is a great choice. If you want a constant stream of cool music that fits your interests, Pandora is a great option.

Are there any other free music options out there? What type of music do you like to listen to?

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