Angelina's right leg majestically swept through the Oscar red carpet and center stage (see our gallery for more evidence, courtesy of Buzzfeed).

Since then, Angie's right leg has been sweeping the internet as one of the most dominant Oscar memes ever.

Here are three examples:

1) Angie's Right Leg on Twitter

Angie's Right Leg created a Twitter account:

Her leg already has 44k Twitter followers!  @JLosNipple has less than 6k. 

2. Leg Bombing

Leg Bombing involves adding Angie's right leg to any photo on the web.  Here are a few examples from the 'net:

You can even make your own, using this handy wizard.  We're kind of amazed that leg bombing is a thing.  But this is Angie's Right Leg that we're talking about.  It has powers beyond what you could possibly imagine.

3. Jolie'ing

Descendents co-writer Jim Rash was the first to mock Angie's pose (and her right leg) at the Oscars:

Now "Jolie'ing" is a real thing, and it's sweeping Tumblr:


Angie's Right Leg conquered the Oscars in just a few hours, and has swept the web in just a few days more.  There's no stopping it!

Check out the original Angie's Right Leg in the gallery below!