I came across a pin on Pinterest this morning that a girl had entitled "my DREAM prom dress." This was the dress:

The world will never know if the girl was being facetious or not, but needless to say I was horrified that this dress has not only been manufactured but some girls aspire to wear it to prom!

I followed the pin to its source only to find an image gallery entitled "Slutty Prom Dresses" (hopefully this is a hint that the girl was joking... but it was on her style board!!!)  Now, I could pick apart the feminist issues of the term "slutty," the author's titles for some of the dresses (future stripper?), and need to objectify the clothing choices of women in general.  I didn't even glance at the user comments at the bottom... the horror!

But I would like to just stop for a moment and ask a simple question... why?!?  Now, I will say some of these dresses do not appear to actually be prom dresses but some of them certainly seem to be appealing to the teen masses.

So seriously fashion industry.  Explain to me.  Why?!?