Rachel Bilson is known for having a great sense of fashion. But does that mean she has the right to judge others' style choices?

In an interview with Lucky Magazine, Bilson discussed her dislike of "short, backless dresses with plunging necklines." While stating one's fashion preferences isn't usually newsworthy, some people have gotten upset about her wording regarding "slutty" clothing.

I guess I'm not too crazy about slutty dresses. You try something on, and if you feel like a slut, you probably look like one." [via US Magazine]

I'm sort of torn on this one; it seems an awful lot like she's trying to shame women for their fashion choices. But I can also see how it could be read as "if I feel like a slut, I probably look like one." Which is less offensive, though the derogatory word "slut" always makes me cringe.

What do you think of Blison's comments?